What Is Apply to develop?

"Apply to Develop" is one of the key features that sets us apart from other digital asset marketplaces.

As a developer, it is common not to have UI templates to sell and upload. Similarly, as a UX/UI designer, you may not have the expertise to develop a complete UX template. To address this issue, we have come up with an innovative solution that eliminates the need for either party to start an agency or hire external help.

Here's how our solution works:

UX Designer Uploads UI Template: A talented UX designer can easily upload their unique UI template on Ui Barn and make it available for sale to potential customers.

Permission for Development Versions: When the UX designer uploads their UI template, they have the option to grant permission for other developers to create development versions based on their design. This means that a developer can apply the UI template to create an alternative version, such as converting a Figma template into an HTML version.

Collaborative Approach: Our platform encourages collaboration between UX designers and developers. This way, both parties can focus on their strengths and create outstanding digital products together. Developers get access to high-quality UI templates, and designers can expand the reach of their designs without worrying about the development aspect.

By providing this feature, we aim to foster a creative and supportive community where designers and developers can work hand in hand, resulting in a diverse range of products that cater to different needs and preferences.

So, if you're a talented UI designer with an amazing Figma template, and you choose to upload it to Ui Barn, developers like you can apply to create alternative versions, such as HTML versions, which can be equally valuable for our customers. This collaborative process opens up endless possibilities and ensures that both designers and developers can thrive on our platform

How does it distribute its dividends?

When a "develop" item makes a sale, its profit will be shared with the "product by" and "develop by" authors.

For example, a develop item price is $10, then for each of his sales

  • Ui Barn “Product By” author will get $2 as 20% of item price.
  • “Develop By” author will get $6 as 60% of item price.
  • The remaining $2 will get ui Barn as a service charge of 20%.

How can I apply?

You can go to the "Apply for develop" page to find out available items are available for development. Then choose the item you want to develop and continue the next process. Please follow the video:


You may also check our video guideline for Apply to Develop on Ui Barn.